Where Can I Buy Discount Wood Burning Stoves

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Where Can I buy Discount Wood Burning StovesBuying wood stoves can be a good way to save money on fuel and electricity costs. They run on a cheaper fuel (wood), and can be designed to be environmentally acceptable as well. But the costs involved in buying and installing a wood stove can run up to several thousand dollars.

While expensive stoves will generally mean more features and higher quality, there are also cheaper options which provide the same amount of heat. They may not be as feature packed as high end ones, but they can be very useful for households that are looking for a cheaper way to heat their homes.

Here are a few suggestions on where to get discount wood burning stoves.

Brand New

Brand new stoves are still pretty much the way to go if you want performance, and peace of mind. Newer stoves will tend to be more efficient as well as less polluting since it is designed to burn cleaner. New stoves can also come with options of burning different kinds of fuels.

  • Online

  1. Home Depot – prices range from $500 to $1000, and these stoves can heat 1,000 or more square feet. Brands carried include US Stove, Vogelzang, Englander, and Mountaineer.
  2. Where Can I buy Discount Wood Burning Stoves Brand NewElite Deals – prices range from $600 to $1000. Brands carried are Napoleon, Drolet, and US Stove. Effective heating area is at around 1,000 square feet.
  3. Amazon.com – prices range from $500 to $1000 dollars for the cheaper varieties. They carry several brands such as Vogelzang, Pleasant Hearth, Vermont Castings, and many other brands. Amazon probably offers the widest range of wood stove brands and at very low costs for the entry level models.
  • Discount Stores

Going directly to the source can yield some interesting finds. Factories where the stoves are produced will usually have outlets or nearby stores that sell it cheaper since they don’t have to add transport costs to the sticker price. You do need to have a small truck or so to be able to bring the stove home. Locally produced brands are Lopi Stoves and Avalon Stoves.


If you’re looking for a stove to use sparingly, or need one on the cheap, then you may want to look at buying used stoves. Stoves are very sturdy appliances, and barring any major damage, they will still be pretty efficient even after several years of use.

  • Online

Amazon.com is still probably one of the better places to buy your stoves online. The sales have a better protection to guarantee that you won’t be getting a bad deal. It comes with the usually cautions though of buying a used product. But still, stoves that have been in use for several years can be very efficient as long as they have been taken good care of.

Where Can I buy Discount Wood Burning Stoves Used on AmazonOther options of sourcing used stoves can be looking for homes that are undergoing renovation. Home owners may be interested in selling their old stoves as they may be upgrading or even totally moving out.

Some Last Reminders

Whatever you buy, be it cheap or expensive stoves, always check the stove carefully. Look at the manufacturer warranties for new stoves and ask carefully what the requirements are in installing these stoves.

You may be looking at saving a buck when you buy these stoves, but you can save even more when you make sure that the stoves will deliver what they promised and keep you safe too.