What Is The Best Wood Burning Stove For The Money?

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Good but Economical

Obviously everybody wants the best performing stove for the lowest possible cost. The heat output, flexibility, sturdiness and safety of the wood stove will all contribute to its cost as well as quality. Naming the best stove for you can be a difficult choice since your needs can differ from another’s.

It is essentially a balance between affordability and performance. You can expect higher performance from more expensive and well known brands, but for the price given the stoves mentioned perform quite well.

Best Wood Stove

While it is a very difficult question to answer, here are a few choices that may give you a range of wood stoves that are practical and efficient.

  • Durango TR008 by VogelzangDurango TR008 by Vogelzang – for under $1000, this unit is cheap and can heat an 1,800 square foot area. It is also EPA certified. It is a small unit but has been rated to perform quite well.








  • Jotul stoveJotul – the Jotul line has different stoves that have been rated to perform very highly. This includes the F500 Oslo and the F3 CB Wood Stoves. These stoves have different heating capacities and can heat anywhere form 1,000 to 2,000 square feet, depending on the model.

Some other brands which you may consider for wood stove choices are Avalon, Lopi and Quadra-Fire. These are better known brands which have very large companies behind their production. The prices can range on these brands from $2000 to $3000 depending on the size and specific product.

Guide to Choosing

While the price is a very important consideration to make, it shouldn’t be your only guide for your choice. The brands mentioned above have been reviewed to perform well by users and consumers. The satisfaction from the unit will also be up to you and your own preferences.

Consider the overall costs as well which include maintenance and installation costs. This will help you get a better appreciation so you can balance what you need, what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. Good luck on your wood stove hunt!