What is Involved in Painting a Wood Burning Stove?

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painting a wood burning stoveProtecting your stove

Most wood burning stoves come with a painted finish not just as an added attraction but also to protect it. Paint helps protect the stove from corrosion and makes the stove also look neat and tidy. Every so often though, the paint will chip off and fade. This is due to normal wear and tear of the stove. But re-applying paint will usually extend the lifespan of your wood burning stove and protect it as well.

Whether you’re looking into applying the paint yourself, or hiring someone else to do it, it pays to know what’s involved when you paint a wood burning stove.


Steps to take

  • The right Paint – use a heat resistant paint which can withstand very high temperatures. Ordinary paints will just peel off once you’re using the oven. This also creates dangerous paint chips which can catch fire or produce pollutants when burned.
  • Preparing the Stove – clean the surface of the stove you wish to paint on. Remove every bit of dirt, soot, and oil. Any foreign substances can ruin the application of the paint, so make sure that the stove is nice and dry. Also, be sure that the stove is cool and unused when you apply the paint.
  • Painting – make sure once more that the stove is cool and not in use as you paint. Paint usually comes in a spray can, while those comfortable with using air compressors and paint guns can also use those. Thoroughly mix or shake the paint can or container so all the components are well mixed. Spray in slow, smooth, and even strokes. Sway the paint can in a sideways motion and cover the entire surface gradually. A coat or two will suffice for now since you need the paint to dry fully before building up any layers.
  • Curing – let the paint dry and set for a few hours, then you can start the stove. The heat of the stove will dry the paint fully and allow it to cure and set. You can use the stove for about 3 times before you can expect the paint to be fully cured.
  • Re-application – if you need to add more layers, repeat the process until you get the finish you want. You don’t want to thick of a coating though as the heat can cause it to crack and become uneven.
  • Tips and Reminders

    painting a wood burning stove paintAlways make sure you have the right conditions for:

    • The right paint – use heat resistant paint.
    • The right surface – it should be clean and cool.
    • The right time – allow the paint to cure through using the stove’s heat.

    Take note of all of these and you can be sure to have a good paint job once you’re done. You can also practice on a plank or sheet of wood until you get the paint spray strokes right. This will make it easier to move on to the real thing.