What are the Best Wood Burning Stoves?

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What are the Best Wood Burning StovesAn Introduction to Wood Burning Stoves

You may have been familiar with seeing these kinds of stoves in older houses. Before the advent of electricity and the use of oil and fuels, wood was the main source of energy to be used for heat. Wood burning stoves are mainly metal stoves which burn wood logs inside. The heat from the wood logs is then transferred to the metal body of the stove, which then warms up a section of the home.

The Best Brands and Models

Most people will attest to the older models of wood burning stoves as being the best, but there are several modern models which are also very efficient and effective for heating homes.

Here are a few of those brands:

  • QuadraFire – for wood burning stoves, the Millenium line has some well received models for your enjoyment. QuadraFire is made in the USA.
  • Lopi – a brand established in 1979, Lopi continues to make excellent stoves such as the Republic and Endeavor
  • Jotul – Jotul makes excellent models such as the Oslo and the CB. It has many sizes for different needs and applications.
  • What are the Best Wood Burning Stoves JotulAvalon – another brand form Travis Industries, which also makes the Lopi stoves. They produce efficient and effective stoves such as the Olympic and Pendleton.

There are several other makers of fine quality wood burning stoves, but the ones mentioned above do have very well-known names and have several ranges for different sizes and applications.

Some Reminders

1. Permits and Environmental Considerations

Depending on your location, and the model and size of the wood stove to be used, there may be some local and national environmental regulations to consider. There may be also certain permits you need to be able to install and operate a wood burning stove. Check your local and national regulations versus the wood stove you plan to buy and install. You may want to look into such factors as catalytic converters, as well as ash disposal, and chimney

2. Fuel

Slow burning hardwood often makes the best fuel. This is because of its dense, and dry composition which makes it suitable to release a steady, and high amount of heat over a long period of time. There are however some new and alternatively sourced fuel which makes use of biomass and other sources. You may need however to check if you wood burning stove can make use of it.

What are the Best Wood Burning Stoves Right Location and Installations3. Home Structure

To get an idea of the right kind of stove for you, you should consider the layout of your home. Wood stoves come rated with their effective heating area, so you shouldn’t expect that your whole house will be heated with a small stove. You should also check for drafts and ventilation so you’ll know how the air will be best heated through your wood burning stove. Having the right size as well as the right location and installations for your specific home layout will make it easier for you to use a wood burning stove at its best.