What are Ceramic Wood Burning Stoves?

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An Introduction To Ceramics

What are Ceramic Wood Burning StovesCeramics are formed from a clay material which is heated and then cooled. It has many interesting properties, and one of them is its ability to hold a lot of heat. This means that it can absorb a lot of heat without changing its temperature too much and too soon.

The advantage of this insulating property of ceramics is it can retain a lot of heat and slowly release it to its surroundings. In an oven, this is useful for areas you want to heat continuously, without using fuel throughout the night. A more detailed description of a ceramic wood burning stove is given below.

The Ceramic Wood Burning Stove

The stove itself may be made up of several different kinds of stones as well as ceramics. Inside the stove, the hearth or body is usually made form refractory grade bricks or soap stone. The bricks themselves can retain a lot of heat. The heat retained is not immediately let out, as it is in the case of metals. Stones aren’t very good conductors of heat, but they do have very high heating capacities which enable them to absorb heat while still remaining cool.

What are Ceramic Wood Burning Stoves with Soap StoneThe ceramic tiles or lining, which covers the stove, acts as an insulator to further keep the heat inside the stove. The heat inside then is slowly released throughout the room as the fire dies out. The slow rate of heat transfer makes it possible to heat the room, even after the fire has died. The stove basically regulates the heat that goes out of its body through the use of the bricks and the ceramic.

The design of the ceramic stove is usually in an upright and vertical position in order to efficiently heat and burn the flue gasses and allow the stone to absorb most of the heat before the gas escapes through the flue.

Basically, these are the features of a ceramic wood burning stove:

  • Uses high and fast burn of fuel
  • Absorbs heat slowly
  • Releases heat slowly

These features are particularly desirable for homes that need continuous heating. Ceramic wood burning stoves cannot provide instant heat that cast iron ones do, but require less burning of fuel to achieve longer heating periods.

What are Ceramic Wood Burning Stoves with Attractive DesignsThey also require less fuel and can burn a wider range of wood. They just need to burn the fuel fast and very brightly in order to generate the highest amount of heat possible, which in turn will be absorbed by the stone stove.

Can I still get them?

While ceramic wood burning stoves have been around for many centuries, they have been modernized and can still be found in production today. They may not be for every one though, but their efficiency and unique properties make them very attractive for those that are looking for the gradual and longer heating abilities.