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how to start a wood burning stove

How To Start A Wood Burning Stove

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Starting the Fire If your wood burning stove has an auto igniter, read the specific instructions of the unit. Auto igniters can help start the fire faster but will use electrical energy as well. You can follow the first two instructions to ensure proper air circulation. Fully open the air inlet as well as the […]

wood burning stove maintenance

What Maintenance Is Involved With Using A Wood Burning Stove?

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Keeping it in Order While many innovations in modern wood stoves have made it easier to use, maintenance is still needed for the stove to operate properly. Maintenance helps you keep the stove at its peak working condition as well as prevent excess pollution and keep accidental fires from happening. Depending on your type of […]

Who Makes Very Small Wood Burning Stoves?

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The need for small wood burning stoves The need for heating is not just a monopoly of large cabins. Small outdoor shacks, rooms, and outdoor activities such as boating and camping all still need heat. But it is almost inconceivable to place an open fire inside these locations due to obvious safety concerns. Small wood […]

painting a wood burning stove

What is Involved in Painting a Wood Burning Stove?

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Protecting your stove Most wood burning stoves come with a painted finish not just as an added attraction but also to protect it. Paint helps protect the stove from corrosion and makes the stove also look neat and tidy. Every so often though, the paint will chip off and fade. This is due to normal […]

What is the Best Wood for Burning in a Wood Stove?

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While most wood can be used as fuel for a fire, the differences in the type of wood make some unsuitable for long term use in stoves. It is best to get to know the kind of wood you’re buying so you can protect your wood burning stove as well as your home from any […]

How Much do Wood Burning Stoves Cost?

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More and more homeowners are turning to wood burning stoves for their heating needs. Wood stoves can be a practical way to save on heating since you won’t be reliant on gas or electricity. But getting and using one also involves some costs. Before you consider installing a wood burning stove in your home, check […]

Do They Make Modern Wood Burning Stoves?

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A short history of wood burning stoves Ever since man learned how to make fire, he has used it for heating himself through the cold days and nights. The stoves were an invention to be able to use fire for heating the home safely and efficiently. While there are many materials used for ovens, the […]

white wood burning stove in fireplace

Can You Put A Wood Burning Stove Into A Fireplace?

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Will it work? The short answer is yes, you can indeed put a wood burning stove into a fireplace. There are however some considerations. A fireplace is already fireproof in a sense, so you should be able to use it for a stove location with little work involved. The size of the stove however must […]

wood burning stove

How To Operate a Wood Burning Stove

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Knowing Your Stove So you’ve got your wood burning stove installed and are about to use it for the first time. Take some time to read the instructions carefully and follow any specific ones given to you. The next section will discuss the general procedure of lighting a stove but you should remember to follow […]