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cost to install wood burning stove

What is the Cost to Install a Wood Burning Stove

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Installation Requirements Buying a wood burning stove is just the first step towards heating your home. It needs specific installation requirements for you to be able to use it. You need to run a pipe out of the home or attach it to an existing chimney. The pipes do need to be made of insulated […]

diagram of a chimney

Can You Install A Wood Burning Stove Without A Chimney?

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What is A Chimney? While you can install a wood burning stove without a chimney, you first have to understand what a chimney is to know why you can do without it. A chimney is a structure that is used to vent out the smoke and other hot gasses that form when one burns fuel […]

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What Are Wood Burning Stove Installation Requirements?

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  Before We Fire It Up A wood burning stove is a very handy appliance to have. It uses cheaper materials like firewood and wood pellets and can also be quite clean when burning. But before you can use one, it is important to take note of the different installation requirements. These requirements are made […]