Do They Make Modern Wood Burning Stoves?

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A short history of wood burning stoves

Wood Burning Stoves

Ever since man learned how to make fire, he has used it for heating himself through the cold days and nights. The stoves were an invention to be able to use fire for heating the home safely and efficiently. While there are many materials used for ovens, the two main types we see today are the masonry and cast iron stoves.

These have been around for many centuries but have been gradually replaced by electric and gas powered heaters. However, the rising prices of power have made many homeowners reconsider the use of wood burning stoves.

While the overall look and design of the wood burning stove has not changed in many decades, it has been indeed modernized to fit the needs of the times. These needs include more efficient stoves, pollution controls and using different kinds of fuels.

Modern stoves are very much in production today and many brands are available. To know what you can expect from modern wood burning stoves, have a look at the list below.

Wood Burning Stoves Catalytic CombustorsFeatures of Modern Wood Burning Stoves

1. New Materials – while cast iron is still the main material used in many stoves, new ceramics and refractory grade masonry are also available for use. In lightweight stoves, materials such as titanium can also be utilized. These make for lighter and efficient stoves.

2. Pollution Control – one of the main additions in modern stoves is the use of catalytic combustors. These additions control pollution by converting gases which haven’t been completely burned off into more harmless carbon dioxide. These pollution control devices lessen soot, smoke, and pollution but need to be replaced every so often.

3. Better Designs – engineers now take into detailed consideration, the flue size, hearth, and room size to make better computations on how a stove should be. This means that newer stoves can be more efficient, so long as they are sized right for the room or home.

Wood Burning Stoves Thermostat Control and Forced Air Heating4. Modern Features – modern wood burning stoves also use technology such as thermostat control and forced air heating. The thermostat is automated to control the air flow and dampers to maintain a set temperature, while a fan may also be included for better heat transfer throughout the room. Some wood stoves will also have automatic starters, eliminating the need to manually light up kindling.

5. Multi-fuel stoves – modern stoves can now make use of different fuel such as pellets and biomass, aside form wood. A multi fuel stove makes for more choices in where to source your fuel.

While the stove hasn’t changed much in design, these modern features make the wood burning stove a very much in demand appliance even in today’s world of electric and gas heaters. They have adapted to fit into the requirement of the current society and remain relevant as a source of heat.