Can You Put A Wood Burning Stove Into A Fireplace?

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white wood burning stove in fireplace Will it work?

The short answer is yes, you can indeed put a wood burning stove into a fireplace. There are however some considerations. A fireplace is already fireproof in a sense, so you should be able to use it for a stove location with little work involved. The size of the stove however must be right for both the fireplace and the chimney it uses.

But if you really are interested in doing this, you may like to know that you have some options to the type of stoves you can put in a fireplace. These are given in the next section.

Your Options

  • Free-standing units – free standing wood stoves can be placed inside a fireplace. The existing hearth is already non combustible and the chimney itself can be used as an outlet for the smoke produced by the stove. It is however important to see that the stove fits in well within the fireplace. There may be a need for a mason to do some work in order to get the stove to fit in. An accredited professional should also be tapped to connect to the fireplace. These professionals will also determine if the size of the fireplace and chimney is enough for the wood burning stove to fit in.

An additional advantage of free-standing units is that you can use it in and out of the fireplace.

  • stove insert in fireplaceStove Inserts – stove inserts are a great retrofit to existing fireplaces. They are designed to maintain the overall look of the fireplace so very minimum work is needed. Most of the installation requirements will focus on connecting to the chimney. These are pre-fabricated units which you can fit into different sized fireplaces.

stove insert with linerSome Considerations

Placing a wood burning stove into a fireplace is indeed very possible. Many homeowners have switched to using stoves because it is so much more efficient. But while it doesn’t take too much to do, it is still important to know the requirements. Make sure that the existing chimney can be used for the stoves. It must be sized correctly as well as still be in good condition. If it is too small or is worn out, then you may have to install a new chimney or flue pipe.

The best thing to do may be to consult your local building inspector or fireplace professionals. They can give you better ideas as to how you can fit the stove in the fireplace.

With this information, you can rest a bit more easy knowing you can still make use of your old fireplace. Good luck on your project!