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What are Ceramic Wood Burning Stoves?

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An Introduction To Ceramics Ceramics are formed from a clay material which is heated and then cooled. It has many interesting properties, and one of them is its ability to hold a lot of heat. This means that it can absorb a lot of heat without changing its temperature too much and too soon. The […]

How to Choose a Wood Burning Stove

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Buying and using a wood burning stove is not a simple matter of picking one up at random and expecting it to heat your whole house. While it is a fairly robust and uncomplicated tool, getting the most of out of your stove does involve knowing a bit about your wants and the limitations of […]

How Much do Wood Burning Stoves Cost?

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More and more homeowners are turning to wood burning stoves for their heating needs. Wood stoves can be a practical way to save on heating since you won’t be reliant on gas or electricity. But getting and using one also involves some costs. Before you consider installing a wood burning stove in your home, check […]

Do They Make Modern Wood Burning Stoves?

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A short history of wood burning stoves Ever since man learned how to make fire, he has used it for heating himself through the cold days and nights. The stoves were an invention to be able to use fire for heating the home safely and efficiently. While there are many materials used for ovens, the […]

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What Is The Best Wood Burning Stove For The Money?

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Good but Economical Obviously everybody wants the best performing stove for the lowest possible cost. The heat output, flexibility, sturdiness and safety of the wood stove will all contribute to its cost as well as quality. Naming the best stove for you can be a difficult choice since your needs can differ from another’s. It […]

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What Is An EPA Wood Burning Stove?

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Wood Burning Stove Regulations A wood stove is a practical appliance that can heat your home at an affordable price. Since it burns fuel to produce heat, it is regulated by many different agencies. Local building codes for fire and safety are among the policies needed to be followed by the homeowner. Manufacturers however are […]

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Can You Install A Wood Burning Stove Without A Chimney?

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What is A Chimney? While you can install a wood burning stove without a chimney, you first have to understand what a chimney is to know why you can do without it. A chimney is a structure that is used to vent out the smoke and other hot gasses that form when one burns fuel […]

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What Are Wood Burning Stove Installation Requirements?

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  Before We Fire It Up A wood burning stove is a very handy appliance to have. It uses cheaper materials like firewood and wood pellets and can also be quite clean when burning. But before you can use one, it is important to take note of the different installation requirements. These requirements are made […]

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Can You Put A Wood Burning Stove Into A Fireplace?

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Will it work? The short answer is yes, you can indeed put a wood burning stove into a fireplace. There are however some considerations. A fireplace is already fireproof in a sense, so you should be able to use it for a stove location with little work involved. The size of the stove however must […]