how to start a wood burning stove

How To Start A Wood Burning Stove

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Starting the Fire If your wood burning stove has an auto igniter, read the specific instructions of the unit. Auto igniters can help start the fire faster but will use electrical energy as well. You can follow the first two instructions to ensure proper air circulation. Fully open the air inlet as well as the […]

Where Can I Buy Discount Wood Burning Stoves

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Buying wood stoves can be a good way to save money on fuel and electricity costs. They run on a cheaper fuel (wood), and can be designed to be environmentally acceptable as well. But the costs involved in buying and installing a wood stove can run up to several thousand dollars. While expensive stoves will […]

What are the Best Wood Burning Stoves?

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An Introduction to Wood Burning Stoves You may have been familiar with seeing these kinds of stoves in older houses. Before the advent of electricity and the use of oil and fuels, wood was the main source of energy to be used for heat. Wood burning stoves are mainly metal stoves which burn wood logs […]